S T E V I A – 100% sweet, 100% natural, 0% calories

Stevia, the natural sweetener used by many as a healthy alternative to aspartame, is now better than ever. Thanks to eight years of cross-pollination and selection, our new Stevia plants have a very low Stevioside content and a very high Rebaudioside A content. Stevioside is the high glycoside in the Stevia plant that imparts a bitter taste. By reducing the amount of stevioside in the plant, we have eliminated the bitterness or aftertaste that some consumers experience when using Stevia.

Our new Super Sweet Stevia has a cleaner, improved sweetness. In fact, it is one and a half times sweeter than South American or Chinese Stevia. We recently increased our production of Super Sweet Stevia to meet the demands of our customers.

Advantages of new, super pure Stevia:

  • 100% Natural with no artificial preservatives or additives
  • No Malto-Dextrin, No FOS
  • Special filtering removes bitterness of some Stevia products
  • No refrigeration necessary, so you can carry it with you
  • Anti-cavity and plaque retardant
  • Antibiotic; great as a mouth wash or for sore throats
  • Use for baking (1/8 teaspoon of Stevia replaces 1 cup sugar)
  • Aid diabetics and hypoglycemics
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Great for hyperactive children

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