100% Sweet, 100% Natural, 0 Calories
Stevia botanically know as Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni (Family: Asteraceas) is a sweet herb that has grown significantly in popularity among those in search of a healthier lifestyle. A perennial, Stevia is a member of the daisy family, The leaves are intensely sweet due to the presence of glycosides, two compounds called stevioside and rebaudioside (there are also several others) which can be more than 200 times sweeter than sugar. The plant bears white flowers in the fall.

The many uses for Stevia leaves
All cooked and baked food items and deserts can be sweetened with much smaller quantities of Stevia leaf power or extract than comparable amounts of table sugar. Just two tablespoons of Stevia leaf or one-fourth teaspoon of the white Stevia extract can replace one cup of cane sugar. The sweetness of stevioside is non-fermenting and it does not display browning when cooked. This further widens its area of application in baking. Breads made with Stevia as an ingredient ( for diabetics patients ) have been found to display improved texture, softness and increased shelf life. The confectionery industry is yet to reap the benefit of Stevia, which has the potential to replace sugar.